Aware Love creates a space for people to awaken

Aware Love provides Personal Awareness Services, Projects, Paintings, Books, and Essential Oils for people to become aware of their true nature for the benefit of all.

Aware Love creates a space for people to awaken. This naturally expands love into the world. Great change for the well-being of all occurs through this natural awakening. The intention of Aware Love is for people to open their natural connection between each other, to expand love, and to come together through the oneness of energy we are.

All services, projects, paintings, and books are created for and on behalf of Aware Love Foundation - a philanthropic, community service, not-for-profit, non-government organisation. Aware Love Foundation supports people to expand awareness, integrity, and kindness. We are from the one source known as Love.



It's about love...be who you are
In-Person & Online Awareness Sessions are a space to awaken what is always within you

The Sessions support people -

• to open to your true nature – love, joy, peace, grace
• to be at one with all of life – heal relationships; become aware and expand the connection with people; be at one with nature and people
• to be present now - come outside of stories of the past and future
• to recognise thoughts, emotions, and reactions from the mind and be aware they are not who you are
• to open into the unknown, allowing a pure state of being to be accessed
• to allow your infinite creative energy to expand
• from being present, naturally support others to become aware of who they are
• from being present, allow the world to change and align

We are in a powerful moment on this planet, there is a shift that is rapidly occurring and it is to reveal the fullness of who we are now. Love – we – are here now.

We are love.



Yvette Swan

Being present allows us to create from the essence of who we are

We bring this essence into the world through many forms like painting. Whatever the form, an artist is being present to bring through an essence of who they are. This essence is what connects all of life as we are this one life.

We are from the one source energy.



Writing is an expression from the source of our being

When written from the essence of who we truly are, life is able to travel beyond the words and awaken us. This timeless energy is always present and available.

Who we are is always here now.



Nature is a healer

Young Living have created a wide range of single & blended Pure Essential Oils as well as many other Health products. Because of the nature of care and integrity in creating them, one can immediately sense the high vibration they emanate. Nature is life. We are life. As one life we come from the one source.

Nature shows us the way back home.



Paintings & Books

When present we open to the essence of life – whether that is being with a flower, being with an animal, being with another human being, or being with a work of art. Creating from presence allows life to come into this world. It is something from the essence of all and for the essence of all.

Enjoy these paintings and books.



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