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The unknown seemingly expressing

Abstract painting live online, In-person classes

Abstract Painting Classes

Unknown Freedom

Come along for either an Online Live or In-Person Class. (Learn Abstract Painting On-Line and Abstract Painting Half Day In-Person Class). These two classes are for Adults, young people (children over 8yrs are more than welcome). Private classes for your group events are also available. The classes are enjoyable and relaxed where no experience is necessary. For those experienced this will be a wonderful addition to your creativity.

The abstract painting classes provide an opportunity to express from an unknown space. Freely express and enjoy. During the class, you will learn painting techniques - washes, layers, application with different tools - and create abstract paintings from this. It is a relaxed and fun class where there are no rules.

To book a class, follow the links below to either the Online Live Class (1.5hrs), In-Person Half Day Class (3hrs). In-Person classes are located in Rozelle, Sydney. Choose below and you will be forwarded to our art class booking site.

Also available are Art and Well-Being classes for Children (6-10yrs, or near to) and (11-15 yrs, or near to). These are classes where children express their natural energy and joy. On request, follow the links below.

For more information on all classes click on the class to go to the booking site to view.

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