Awareness Sessions are a space to recognise our true self.

Awareness Sessions are a space to open and discover the truth of who we are.

When identified with the personal self we put our attention on stories, thoughts, emotions, reactions, and the body. We then believe this is who we are. Our true self is covered over when our attention is on the mind and body.

As we open to life we recognise our true self. We recognise more deeply who we and others are as the one self.

The sessions provide a space for people to discover what is here.

The Sessions support people -

  • with any challenges, issues, difficulties, addictions, PTSD that may be here
  • discover what is here
  • recognise the identification with the personal self of mind (thoughts, emotions), the body, and situations
  • surrender to the life we are

  • I am currently in training for certification to be an Advanced Psychotherapist with The Leela School which is based in Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Europe. The Leela School "is committed to the whole world waking up from the personal trance of suffering. We believe that we can make a difference one heart and one mind at a time." The Leela School training is heart based and provides support for people to open to our true nature and realise the nature of suffering.

    I am offering Practice Sessions using the skills opened to through The Leela School. These practice sessions are an opportunity for people to receive a heartfelt, supportive session to discover what is here for you. The session also allows me to practice the skills and support I have opened to through the on-going training. With each session a client is required to sign a Consent Form and return before the start of the session. Once the session is completed then a Client Practice Session Feedback Form can be filled out and returned to me via email. This is beneficial for the both of us. You are able to convey what you discovered during your session and your experience with and me as your True Friend. Being in training, I have a mentor supporting and overseeing my work. This is supportive to both the client and in-training Leela School student. The Consent Form mentions the use of "hypnotherapy training", simply put, this is deep relaxation and is similar to a guided meditation in parts to support the subconscious mind to discover and open to awareness.

    I have explored and worked in various awareness avenues, including awareness sessions and meditation, and have had many shifts over the past years. I have now discovered deeply, truthful support for myself and others through The Leela School. I am enjoying opening more deeply to the truth of who is always here.

    If you wish to meet with me to receive a Leela School Practice Session to discover what is here for yourself then please follow the booking link below. You have a space to explore any issues that have come up for you in your life and open to what is here.

    To ask more about the Practice Sessions please contact me via the link at the bottom of this page. To receive a Leela School Practice Session follow the link below to Book. Please download the Consent Form below and return it signed before your session date. You can also download a copy of the Client Practice Session Feedback Form to complete once you have received a session. Please email back to

    Thank you very much. I look forward to meeting with you, Yvette Swan.

    Awareness Practice Sessions 1 hour (No fee charged)

    Sessions are over a Video call (or in person if available). Please follow this link to Book.
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    Love is all there is.


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