Awareness Sessions are a space to recognise our true self.

Awareness Sessions are a space to recognise the truth of who we are.

When identified with the personal self we put our attention on stories, thoughts, emotions, reactions, and the body. Our true self is then covered over when our attention is on the mind and body.

As we recognise our true self life is allowed to be as it is. We recognise more deeply who we and others are.

The sessions provide a space for people to recognise who we are that is always here. Love, joy, peace, and freedom are opened to.

The Sessions support people -

  • awaken
  • transcend the identification with the personal self of the mind and body to reveal our true self which is always here
  • recognise the truth of who we are to allow the world to naturally change and align from this space

Awareness Sessions $80 per hour

Sessions are In-Person or over a Video call. Please Phone or Enquire via the Contact page to book in.

Love is all there is.


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