Awareness Sessions are a space to recognise our true self.

Awareness Sessions are a space to recognise the truth of who we are.

When identified with the psychological mind self we are in effect of thoughts, emotions, reactions, the story, and the mind. Our essential self is missed when focused on all the content through the mind.

As we recognise our true self life is allowed to be as it is. We recognise more deeply who we and others are. Recognising our true self is the purpose of the sessions and what "happens" loses its significance and hold on us. The natural unfolding of life is more easily allowed. Love naturally opens in our relationships with people and nature. Love, joy, and peace expand into the world. The reality of the source of our being becomes more conscious.

The Sessions support people -

  • recognise the truth of who we are which is always here
  • to open into the unknown, allowing a pure state of being to be recognised
  • transcend the psychological mind self to reveal our true self
  • from recognising the truth of who we are we allow the world to naturally change and align

Initial Session (up to 1.5hrs) $90, Further Sessions $90 per hour

Sessions are In-Person or via Telephone or Skype. Please Phone or Enquire via the Contact page to book in.

Love is all there is.


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