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Vast emptiness

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Well-Being & Meditation Classes

Vast Emptiness

Nothing is known.

Well-Being and Meditation Classes available. What is not real is a sense of being a separate, illusory person, a "me", in an illusory separate world of "other". All that is experienced and believed to be real is only an appearance that is seemingly happening in the vastness of emptiness.

Meditation is simply a support for the body, and the mental and emotional nervous system. Essentially there is no obtaining freedom/ emptiness as everything is already free - whether this is experienced or not. Who you experience and believe yourself to be appears in this freedom. Meditation is useful in that it allows the body, thoughts, emotions, and stories to relax.

ONLINE MEDITATION CLASSES are available. Each class may be slightly different. Some are guided meditations, some silent meditations, some are a mix. Classes - 30 mins, $12 per class. Once a class is booked a follow-up email will be sent with a link to join the session or live class via the Zoom platform.

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ONLINE WELL-BEING FOR ADULTS CLASS available, follow link below.

(Art & Well-Being Classes for children; Well-Being for Young people; and Well-Being Day Retreat, available on request, follow links below)

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Yvette Swan.

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