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by Yvette Swan

Creating from our natural self.

We bring this energy into the world through many forms like painting.

A work of art captures an essence that is present in the form of paint on canvas, charcoal on paper, bronze of a sculpture, or the still image of a photograph. Whatever the form, creating works of art from this space allows our natural essence to be felt.

We view these artworks and are touched by them in some way. Mostly it is beyond the form that we see and what can be understood through the thinking mind. All we know is that we can feel something peaceful, joyful, beautiful, and true. An energy touches our heart. We know this energy as it is who we are.

When aware we open to the essence of life – whether that is being with a flower, being with an animal, being with another human being, or being with a work of art. Creating from awareness allows life to come into this world. It is something from the essence of all and for the essence of all.

Yvette Swan

Please enjoy my paintings. They are named “abstract landscapes” and are created by an “artist” but beyond the names and look they are from the essence of who we are.

New Paintings & Style

Latest Oil Paintings: some examples of the latest works are below. Enjoy these landscapes as they use light, space, and colour to open up the senses and beyond.

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The Big Blue
Night Fields
Being Here Painting
A Touch of Paradise
Still Free

Below are examples of oil paintings on canvas from previous styles. To View and Purchase available Paintings please go to SHOP or give me a call to discuss further.
Thank you, Yvette Swan.



Yvette's paintings can also be purchased at Art Lovers Australia, Bluethumb Art, and Saatchi Art. Go to Linktree below for all the website links.

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