19 April 2019
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19 April 2019
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Dive Deep Down Until Nothing is Left


W61 x H76 cm, Synthetic polymer on canvas

Signed on the front; Ready to hang


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Don’t hold onto anything.

She resisted but knew it was true. Anger, fear, and despair surfaced. Everything that was avoided showed itself. Oh no!

But what was the alternative? Going round and round on the same loop, living in a superficial way all to avoid everything she feared? She was over the surface, the known, the nothing about nothing.

She dove deep and as she surrendered into the deep up came all that she avoided. Those feelings. those confronts. She allowed them to come in close, she let go of controlling it all.

Deep, deep she dove, meeting it all. Awareness opened. Freedom opened. Peace. Joy. Love. She immediately recognised the truth of being. It was always here.

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