Ocean Shores
26 January 2020
19 March 2020
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H122 x W153cm
Mixed media on canvas
Signed on front and back
Ready to hang

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FREEDOM is an expressive, abstract landscape, large painting. Deep rustic brown baths the sky while yellow ochre, reds, washes of colour, and solid lines of paint highlight the land below. A work that gives a feeling of the red earth below our feet.

I was inspired by the realisation of freedom. Freedom is our true name. It is closer than our outside reality, closer than the thoughts in the mind, and the emotions in the body, and closer than the body. Freedom is the life that moves and animates the body and creates all the movement that comes and goes. Freedom is present right here.

I always enjoy immersing the unseen but known in the seen. A simple landscape is infused with life energy that creates all that is here.

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