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2 April 2020
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Lose Everything


H41 x W51cm
Synthetic polymer on canvas
Signed on the front and back
Ready to hang

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Grey, pink, and white create this abstract painting. Light emerges out of the darkness.

There are moments when life presents us with the possibility of losing everything. It’s challenging. It may be our job, career, money, relationship, our health, our seemingly stable outside world, and even our life but also our inside world of identity – who we have thought we were. It suddenly reveals just how unstable, how impermanent everything is.

Fear, lack on control, the possibility of losing friendships, relationships, work situations, financial situations…it is all on the table. There are moments where one’s world is questioned, are we willing to face the loss of it all in order to open to freedom? In this who knows what the result will be – what is left, what has changed, and what has been lost? There are moments when our own inner freedom is put to the test. Are we willing to give it all up for truth? It is a confront and what shows itself is deep fear. Emotions come forth to be met.

When we turn away from these emotions they suddenly grow in size and fear feels worse than ever. But wait, don’t move, turn and face what seems terrifying. Open to the fear.

What seemed terrifying in one moment then in the next opens to freedom. Who would have known unless one turned to meet this fear?

The freedom of being is opened to and realised. So much peace. Freedom is here within our own self, not “out there” – no person, situation, or thought can ever give us our freedom. Just here, within our own self.

This is self love.

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