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19 April 2019
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Stormy Monday


W46 x H51 cm, Synthetic polymer on canvas

Signed on the front; Ready to hang


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She was in a meeting in her office. A boardroom meeting. Everyone sitting around the table. Some outwardly stressed, angry, and dominate. Some repressed and withdrawn. Some zoned out. But all were not doing well. What was happening? Where were we heading? Is this how it is or just a passing storm?

She felt it all and knew this was not the truth of who we are. The mind had taken a hold and everyone had fallen into it, lost in the abyss. This had certainly become a stormy Monday.

She moved to speak, “Can we open to one another beyond the how to sort all of this? Right now can we open to simply being with one another?”

There was huge restlessness that immediately arose. What is she talking about?!

“We are fighting with one another over money and how to survive. Our fear of not knowing “how” has taken over and we have lost ourselves and our care for one another. It’s a slippery slope to huge unhappiness. Are we able to just let it all go for now and open to one another? Can we relax and not know how to fix this and just let go and know it will all fall into place? But first let’s put our weapons down and stop the war in our head and between one another. Feel that energy and how harsh it is. Open to what’s behind it. What can you sense? When you truly feel the energy of war and allow it right in and not fight it, what can you sense behind it?

One person spoke up and said, “I can’t believe it but I feel peace! I feel love. I’m not used to opening to this. So strange, so unknown for me. I love it!”

With that shift they all laid down the battle and opened. Morning tea was brought in. They put the striving for more aside and relaxed into getting to know one another. A simple morning tea but a vast space was opened to. Peace was opened to. The world of illusion dissolved. It was natural to be with one another from this space. More vulnerable but more natural!

By the end of the gathering their natural inspiration opened. It actually was not that difficult after all. Ideas flowed and love and care filled the room. They felt free! Now what a business this was for the world!

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