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19 April 2019
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19 April 2019
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The Marsh


W51 x H46 cm, Synthetic polymer on canvas

Signed on the front; Ready to hang


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It was a cold winter’s morning but the joy of walking through the fields and down to the marsh called him out of his warm bed. He put on his walking boots, drew a thick coat over him, and took his walking stick in one hand.

The air was brisk cold. But he loved it. He wanted to meet nature as she woke. They both woke up together. He made his way through and down to the marsh. Birds, nature calls, and the peace of nothing was heard. How beautiful. A land that time forgot. He could sense who he was when still in this space. Nature would always lead him back home. He knew that. She guided him back so he was able to open beyond what he saw. The peace he opened to on the outside was a mere echo of the peace he was , the peace of being. This was far beyond anything he could imagine. What grace. What bliss. What a life!

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