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The Big Blue
13 October 2018
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19 April 2019
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The Recognition


W46 x H46 cm, Synthetic polymer on canvas

Signed on the front; Ready to hang


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Everything comes and goes. Our lives are filled with movement – movement of thoughts, emotions, stories, situations, people, events, and the physical form is born and dies. One minute we can feel happy, one minute we can feel sad. But what is beyond all this that is always here yet hardly recognised? Who are we? What is beyond the minute, beyond the mind of time? We may believe we have to go out there to discover it. We may create adventures to experience what we believe life is. Is it to go somewhere, to meet someone, to learn something, to find something, or is it to open to nothing? Is nothing yet everything who we really are?

When we just be and not do anything to find who we are there is a moment that can be recognised and in that recognition we realise what was always here. It was here whether we were happy or sad. All the movements were within this space. They came out of it and returned to it. To open to this space there is no need to do anything. It is a moment to recognise who we are. Peace, truth, freedom, or love are opened to. These words just touch what cannot be held onto. It is not something to learn but just to recognise right here…now.

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