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19 April 2019
The Play of Life
19 April 2019
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The Voyage


W30 x H30 cm, Synthetic polymer on canvas

Signed on the front; Ready to hang


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They were on the ship together yet all alone at see. Nothing in front of them, nothing behind them. They could not see anything for miles. They were not used to this. They were used to knowing where they were heading. They were in strange, uncharted waters.

At first fear came up upon them, the mind raced with thoughts of survival. How would they make it back home? Who would come and find them? What was their way out of all this?

They stopped looking in front and behind them. It only increased the fear. They stopped. They looked at one another. They opened to what was here. They opened to each other, the depth that came through each others eyes. They opened to their true self.

Something shifted. The fear dropped away. They opened to what was. Peace opened. It was all okay. They recognised the truth beyond the fear. They recognised what was always present. They relaxed and knew that who they were was beyond the world play of birth and death. Who they were could never die. All was peaceful.

They expanded in this knowing and in that expansion their intuition opened. Life guided them back home.

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