Sounds of Night
19 March 2020
A River Runs Through
19 March 2020
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Trust the Space


60 x 60cm
Synthetic polymer & graphite on canvas
Signed on front & back
Ready to hang

In stock


A deep, rich, blue, like the vast ocean, covers most of this canvas. Its surrounds the space within, highlighted by yellow ochre paint. A beautiful contrast of colours. Space balances form.

TRUST THE SPACE…a painting that reminds us of the space we are. We have put so much trust in thoughts, emotions, movements, of getting this, of going there, of doing this and that. But what does not move? Who is the space that looks out through this eyes? Who is the space that this play of life dances in?

Stop. Be still. Open to what is here. Open to the space we are.

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